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Welcome to Recycled Pets, Inc.!
PO Box 10626 Rock Hill, SC 29731 (803) 981-5087


Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic.  Please email for info for appointment.  




1.   EMAIL Teri and she will respond with a surgery date.  Please specify breed, sex, approx weight and name of pet in your email.  Low cost spay/neuter day is THURSDAYS ONLY at Rock Hill Animal Hospital.  Please do not call Rock Hill Animal Hospital to make your appointment.  All arrangements must be made through Recycled Pets.

2.  A spay/neuter release form must be completed.  Please review and print the form here

3.  The animal must have a current rabies and distemper shot with documented proof from a licensed veterinarian submitted with the release form.  If you do not have current vaccinations for your pet, they can be administered at the clinic the day of surgery.  The cost for these vaccinations is as follows: 

  • $ 9.00 Rabies
  • $16.00 Dhlp(dog)
  • $16.00 Fvrcp(cat)

Additional services available, but not required:

  • $33.50 Heartworm test
  • $40.00 Leuk/Aids/Heartworm test
  • $39.99 Microchip

4.  The cost for the spay/neuter surgery is as follows:

  • $40 Feline Neuter
  • $75 Feline Spay
  • $100 canine Spay or Neuter
  •  Pets are to be delivered on the scheduled day of your appointment BETWEEN 8 and 8:15 to Rock Hill Animal Hospital, 1825 West Main Street, Rock Hill, SC.  PLEASE COME THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR OF THE VET CLINIC AND STOP AT THE FRONT DESK TO DROP OFF YOUR PET(S).   You must pick your pet up in a timely manner the same dayas the surgery around 4 pm.  Please do not call to see if your pet is ready for pick up.  A time will be given to you when you drop the pet off for surgery.  YOU MUST BRING THE COMPLETED RELEASE FORM AND PROOF OF VACCINATION ON THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT!  WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT CASH.

Please do not feed your pet after 8 pm the night before surgery.  No water after 6 am the morning of surgery.

5.    If you cannot show for your appointment, please email and let us know as there are others waiting for spay/neuter.

6.    If your pet has fleas and ticks, Rock Hill Animal Hospital will administer a flea/tick product and there will be an additional charge.  If you know your pet has fleas before you come, you may come by and pick up a preventive before the surgery date.

7.  If you have a female dog or cat that is pregnant, there will be an extra charge.  If your male is cryptorchid(one testical) there will be an extra charge.

If you have additional questions, please contact Teri McAllister BY  EMAIL 

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